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Flame General Manager Brad

Le 17 juillet 2017, 10:51 dans Humeurs 0

Flame General Manager Brad said that Amonik has no problem in adapting to the team: "He must have been coveted for a while Corey Crawford Jersey, at the end of the deal you are bidding, you have to pay to get. You hate to pay, but our Eyes are on a lot of things; we think he is very suitable as a complement to the team, he is a right hand player, it is suitable for us, the coach will consider specific issues, I think we can put him next to Brodie. This four guard lineup look. NHL signed a five-year agreement to become NHL partners in the country, in order to allow Chinese fans a better understanding of the draft Brandon Mashinter Jersey, NHL arranged a lot of interview opportunities Pierre Pilote Jersey. Eric is the NHL responsible for the media broadcast of the director, learned that Tencent sports to the scene after the draft, before the start of the draft, specifically to Tencent sports arranged an interview space. "I made a survey, shocked Tencent is such a big company," Eric said, "We are very excited Tencent can report to the scene Michael Jordan Jersey, due to time constraints, we find the current best position."

27-year-old Amonic this season

Le 17 juillet 2017, 10:50 dans Humeurs 0

27-year-old Amonic this season on behalf of the islanders played 49 games to get 14 points (3 goals 11 assists) Martin Havlat Jersey, averaging 20 minutes and 27 seconds to play. He sent 108 blocked, averaging 2.2 ranked second in the team Jonathan Toews Jersey. Amonique 7 years $ 27 million contract left 3 years Artem Anisimov Jersey, accounting for $ 3.86 million salary cap. Amonic in 2008 to the second round of the 53rd overall by the islanders off, career 444 regular season total score of 146 points (26 goals and 120 assists), 17 playoffs get 4 points (1 Scored 3 assists). From the technical and other aspects, Hitzcher relative to Nolan and did not highlight the advantages, but also in the physical he is even more thin, 6 feet 1 inch he was shorter than Nolan 1 inch, weighs only 178 pounds, while the latter There are 198 pounds. But Hitzcher's biggest specialty is his outbreak, not just his glide, but also his ability to use his own characteristics to create a scoring opportunity, as this year's Quebec Youth League rookie, he and in 57 games in the attack Into the 38 ball and sent 48 assists Glenn Hall Jersey, won the best career rookie and the best offensive rookie two awards. In the World Youth Championship in 2017, he also performed well on the stage of the star, and scored three assists in five games.

Our blue line is very deep

Le 17 juillet 2017, 10:50 dans Humeurs 0

Our blue line is very deep, it gives us some of the young defender playing time NHL Jersey, we are very confident that this is a situation where we think we can use to get some accumulation, regardless of the situation, Is used for the draft or as a bargaining chip, the team is good. Each selected player, first of all, is interviewed by live television, then meets with the club, and finally goes to the station, to the press room, to accept all media interviews Keith Magnuson Jersey. Tencent's interview position, just before the players enter the news interview room blackhawks jersey womens, close to the door position, is a must for all players, "as long as you are willing, any player you can interview," Eric said. Take a look at his performance this season: the history of the youngest captain, the league scoring, percentage of Mr., led the oil after 11 years to return to the playoffs, one how shining words. This season, Mike David is positive and negative +28, scored 27 points strong scoring, and scored six winning goals, in this year from March 15 to April 10 for 14 consecutive games have scored, the league best The In addition, he averaged 21 points and 07 seconds of the field also played in the league striker ranked fourth Marcus Kruger Jersey.

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