Flame General Manager Brad said that Amonik has no problem in adapting to the team: "He must have been coveted for a while Corey Crawford Jersey, at the end of the deal you are bidding, you have to pay to get. You hate to pay, but our Eyes are on a lot of things; we think he is very suitable as a complement to the team, he is a right hand player, it is suitable for us, the coach will consider specific issues, I think we can put him next to Brodie. This four guard lineup look. NHL signed a five-year agreement to become NHL partners in the country, in order to allow Chinese fans a better understanding of the draft Brandon Mashinter Jersey, NHL arranged a lot of interview opportunities Pierre Pilote Jersey. Eric is the NHL responsible for the media broadcast of the director, learned that Tencent sports to the scene after the draft, before the start of the draft, specifically to Tencent sports arranged an interview space. "I made a survey, shocked Tencent is such a big company," Eric said, "We are very excited Tencent can report to the scene Michael Jordan Jersey, due to time constraints, we find the current best position."